Tony Duxx – NUMB

Tony Duxx – NUMB

A great emcee is one who has strong presence. That commanding energy to them that you feel as soon as they step up on a track. That type of presence is what all the great emcees throughout history have had, with a glow to them that makes them shine to the fullest. Tony Duxx has that type of commanding presence to him on his new song “NUMB”.

Tony Duxx brings a master class of lyricism on his new record “NUMB”. The record is packed with pure emceeing, with him throwing on a dope beat and going for gold for every second. He’s impressive in his lyricism and each line pops out as something to marvel at, as they all pop just right. He not only connects in the lyrics but the flow as well, that delivers each line with masterful precision to make sure, each bar is heard and felt in a real way for us all to enjoy.

Tony Duxx “NUMB” is that real deal Hip Hop that always stands out as elite. He brings everything together to make one undeniable sound, that goes beyond the subjectivity of music. He brings a new school style with the perfect blend of a golden age feel in the rhyming, to make a work of art for the culture.

Check out Tony Duxx “NUMB” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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