Devin + Tori – Change Your Mind

Devin + Tori – Change Your Mind

A song can have many different engaging elements, but one of the best elements to have is a sound that feels like a love. A song that connects to your heart, and makes you want to share the emotion with someone. That type of record is always timeless, because the feeling of it is what resonates most and Devin + Tori brings that sound on the new song “Change Your Mind”.

Devin + Tori brings a hit for us all to vibe to on the new song “Change Your Mind”. The song has infinite reasons on what makes it special, but one of it’s greatest assets is the strong writing. Bringing writing that gets sweeter the more, the vocals deliver it to perfection, as this duo performs in perfect harmony to make us all love the music. To bring it all together they perform it over a radio ready production, to make sure their talent is heard by the masses, on this record that is set to go the stars.

Devin + Tori “Change Your Mind” is that undeniable music that not only showcases their upper echelon record, but something you can play and instantly enjoy life more with their special sound being on full bloom. If you want to hear the next big record the world will love, then you should hit play and be witness to this incredible sound.

Check out Devin + Tori “Change Your Mind” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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