Rani – Sugar Rush

Rani – Sugar Rush

A song that will always have unlimited replay value, is a song that feels good to hear. A song that you can play anytime, and get that pick me up that you need, as you get lost in the waves of the music. That special power of music, why it has such a strong hold on all of us, and Rani has one of those songs on her new sweet record “Sugar Rush”.

Rani delivers a hot record that shines like the season we’re in on the new song “Sugar Rush”. The song embodies the title to the fullest, as you get a shot of sugar from the music, that picks you up with the brightness of the music shining to the fullest. Everything about this record is something to marvel at, with Rani’s big time vocals delivering each note right, with a special touch of soul to it to make the music felt that much more, on this record that is a sure fire hit.

Rani’s “Sugar Rush” is a feel good record that keeps us coming back for more. It’s great music that allows you to be a fan and feel that music, with a sound that defies the critics in us, and just makes for an amazing listen that you can enjoy in the audio, as well as the visuals to make it all complete for us to love it all.

Check out Rani “Sugar Rush” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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