BookieDaG – What I Am

BookieDaG – What I Am

Nothing helps a artist stand out like authenticity. That realism to their approach that makes you buy into them in majorly, as they give it up for us all to enjoy. That authenticity is what Hip Hop is known for, as we look for conviction in our stars of this genre, to give us the real that we are seeking. BookieDaG brings that type of energy on his new must hear record “What I Am”.

BookieDaG steps up and delivers a record you can’t turn away from on his new song “What I Am”. His presence is commanding and felt right away, as he shows poise to him that is beyond what you wouldn’t expect for someone of his youth. He’s boisterous in his approach, and brings that necessary energy to him to make him stand out from the plethora of new artists we take in daily. The production is exhilarating and knocks to the fullest, as he shines through the music with his raw lyrics that are vivid in their detail to paint the picture to the fullest.

BookieDaG’s “What I Am” is a super dope record that hits the mark in showcasing his ultra talent to the fullest, as well as something to make the culture shake on this latest release. He brings the right music at the right time, and delivers in the visuals as well to make sure he gives the world, a glimpse of the next big star in Hip Hop.

Check out BookieDaG “What I Am” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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