One of the most exciting things to hear in music is artists going for it. That thrilling energy to the music that you can hear them giving their all to, as they go for gold to bring a sound that is meant to take over the world. That type of music will always be captivating, and LUNAFALL is truly impossible to ignore on the new song “Save Me”.

LUNAFALL brings a commanding sound that engulfs the listener on the new song “Save Me”. There’s not enough of words to come up with how big time the sound is. It’s instantly engaging as soon as you hit play, as they get you out of your seat, with a smashing display of music. For the big time sound, they bring a mega vocal performance that rises to the occasion of the sound, to deliver the writing perfectly to make sure they give the listener everything they can want and more.

LUNAFALL’s “Save Me” is that music that brings more life the world with every listen. It’s a daring display of musical art that pays major dividends for this supreme collective. It’s magic in the audio and visuals to bring a full picture masterpiece for us all to enjoy the music to the fullest, on this special record that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Check out LUNAFALL “Save Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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