Botany – Times

Botany – Times

Something that is always impressive musically is an amazing instrumental. A sound piece that is layered in engaging elements to make something fresh, that is beyond words for us all to enjoy. That special piece of music doesn’t come often but when it does you cherish every minute of it, and that’s exactly what you get from this new must hear release from Botany called “Times”.

Botany makes must hear music layered to perfection on the new song “Times”. The rattling percussion makes you nod your head for every second, with a thrilling feel to the music that progresses like magic to take us to this perfect musical destination. He rocks the sounds that play off each other from the knocking 808’s that, push it forward while the vocal samples bounce off the walls of the sound, to the listener’s ear to make an experience of music like no other.

Botany’s “Times” is a jam of a production that encompasses the art that is music. It’s fresh in it’s approach to make something like we’ve never heard, while still having a nice amount of soul to it to make you feel the music, and get lost in this sound that he brings to the culture to make us all move to the music without limits.

Check out Botany “Times” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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