Limón Limón – Somebody Else

Limón Limón – Somebody Else

Nothing touches the people more than a song they can feel. That music that is layered with amazing elements that sounds good, to the point it feels good to the spirit to enjoy. When you hear a song like that, it immediately has replay value, because you run to the feeling of the music when you need it most. That special type of music is what you can always expect from Limón Limón on their new song “Somebody Else”.

Limón Limón delivers a work of art you won’t be able to get enough of on the new song “Somebody Else”. The new wave sound grabs you right away with infectious grooves in the music, that send vibrations to the body that makes you get lost in the music for every second. To add more life to it they bring an amazing vocal performance that melts you with every note, to deliver the heartfelt writing to the fullest on this song that is beyond perfect to enjoy.

Limón Limón’s “Somebody Else” is that one of a kind music that continues to make us fans of not only their art but the culture of music. It’s music that defies subjectivity and preference, with a special sound that you can play on any occasion, and love the sounds that are coming out of your speakers, on this must hear record you don’t want to miss out on.

Check out Limón Limón “Somebody Else” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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