Faith Richards – Same Language

Faith Richards – Same Language

A genre that is truly rooted in soul is R&B music. A genre that is known for it’s sweet and tender approach to make us weak, as we take in the music to the point we feel the emotion of it. That is one of the greatest elements of it because it’s a love language as, these records say our most vulnerable thoughts that we can’t always put into words. The spirit of that is what runs wild in the new song from Faith Richards called “Same Language”.

Faith Richards brings a love song you will love every second of on the new song “Same Language”. The production is stripped down, with a nice smooth sound that allows room for her vocals to flourish to the fullest. With the tone set you are able to take in her vocals righteously, with a tone that shines in the emotion it conveys to make you enjoy it to the fullest. The writing is equally heartfelt and poetic in it’s approach to bring a sweet record that sound and feels like love.

Faith Richards “Same Language” is a record that thrives in the soul in it, in a time where everything can feel so generic. It’s music that makes a special connection with the listener, with each element playing it’s part to a divine level to make a true masterpiece that can resonate with the masses, on a real level with authentic artistry that we need now more than ever.

Check out Faith Richards “Same Language” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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