Tekh Togo – Frozen Lake

Tekh Togo – Frozen Lake

With being an active creative, it always poses the question “What’s next?”. What is that next sound that you can bring to stand out from your previous work, but also still well received as your previous work that people have come to love. That can put pressure on any artist but if pressure makes diamonds, then you will truly appreciate the latest gem from Tekh Togo titled “Frozen Lake”.

Tekh Togo delivers another story for the mind to explore on his new record “Frozen Lake”. The production sounds like the love child of cinematic music from the 20’s and Kanye West’s high level instrumentation from “The Late Registration”, that delivers the perfect score for his latest tale. He brings his signature ultra slick flow to deliver his writing, that is filled with intricacies necessary to bring this story to life of a cosmopolitan man dying on a frozen lake, on this daring piece of art that pays major dividends for this creative.

Music is a source of entertainment for people to getaway to, and Tekh shows his understanding of this at a supreme level. His music makes you dream, and allows you to let the music guides you to the perfect destination, courtesy of his artistry. With “Frozen Lake” you hear the apparent talent to the fullest, but also able to feel every moving part of the record in your soul, to show what art is all about.

Check out Tekh Togo “Frozen Lake” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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