Dayce featuring Lil Late – Impatient

Dayce featuring Lil Late – Impatient

Some songs just have magic to them. That divine feeling in the music as you hear everything being done right in the music. So right that’s perfect and feels like a meant to be thing that you’ve heard it. Those type of songs makes music so special and Dayce gives you, everything on his new song “Impatient” featuring Lil Late.

Dayce comes together with Lil Late to deliver a masterpiece the world will enjoy on his new song “Impatient”. The song embodies what it is to have a song thats mega, with it all being done to a supreme level. The production by Dayce sounds like it was meant for the world to hear it with a big time sound thats enjoyable, as Lil Late delivers his vocals that have mass appeal, the world will buy into. The music not only delivers I that way but the writing is the thing of hits with amazing verses, and an out of this world chorus that will take this song to the stars.

Dayce featuring Lil Late “Impatient” is a smash of music that makes the world more enjoyable to be in. The song delivers in every way possible musically, while also having a digestible sound that makes it the perfect storm of music, that anyone who enjoys finding great tunes, will feel blessed to land on this one.

Check out Dayce featuring Lil Late “Impatient” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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