Gwopped Up $peedy x Trizzy Trey – The Bigger Picture (Album Review)

Gwopped Up $peedy x Trizzy Trey – The Bigger Picture (Album Review)

Hip Hop is a genre that is not complete with collaboration. A genre that was built off talented creatives coming together, to put their best ideas together to make one cohesive sound for everyone to enjoy. Coming together is one of Hip Hop’s greatest assets, as it thrives in the spirit of us being stronger together than apart, and Gwopped Up $peedy and Trizzy Trey’s new project “The Bigger Picture” embodies that sentiment. An 8 track EP with features from David Colbert, Boss K, and Quavis to make an incredible body of work that has something for everyone to enjoy. Below is the review.

Live From the Lab: “Ever since I been focused, n***as been hating on $peedy” The project starts off with a call to action sample that sets the tone for the work they create. As soon as the music drops you hear supreme focus from both in their artistry, as they go for it in a real way. Trizzy’s production is thrilling and $peedy matches it with an exhilarating flow that you can hear, the passion is as he goes for gold with hard and honest rhyming to let us know, they aren’t here to play.

Pandemic Flow Featuring David Colbert: One of the best elements of this project is the soul in the music you feel, with this record being the perfect example of that. The production has blaring horns and driving drums to make for an exciting listen, while the rhyming is able to flourish and shine with gems that stand out more with each listen.

The Bigger Picture: “Fighting for my dreams, made it through another night” For the third track the music slows down with masterful sample work of Andre 3000’s “Prototype”, that gives the music new life. The conviction in the rhyming stands out more as the music allows you to slow down, and focus more on the emceeing delivered by both artist, to give you that more you seek in music.

Furthest Thing: If there was a record that embodied the cool of this project it’s this one. It has a smoothness in the approach that feels good to hear, and makes you feel as cool as the music you’re hearing. They bring a slick level of bravado to the flow, that lets the lyrics glide over this record as they walk on air, to bring an out of this world record for us all to vibe to.

Don’t Add Up: To keep the project going sonically they bring a record that sounds like a modern day Midwest cover of Nas “Nas is coming” track from his “It Was Written” project. The emceeing is filled with presence, as you get engaged in the verses that lyrically are on another plateau, and complimented by a saucy chorus to make a full picture of artistry, that gives a nice ode to classic records, with fresh life.

The Ratchet Crew Featuring Boss K: “Everybody moving weight, well b*tch I’m Baly Fitness” The perfect switch up at the perfect time, as they switch from the mellowness of the last few tracks, to bring a high powered engaging sound, that takes you on a ride. The knocking 808’s move the song forward to make you move, and the rhyming is rawer than ever, on this stand out track that makes you have just as much fun hearing it, as you hear that they had making it.

You: A complete project is one with range and this project shows it’s high understanding of that, by switching it up to give a record the ladies. The records starts off with a familiar House Party sample, that give the right vibes you feel in the music evermore once the track starts. The flow is right in pocket and delivers everything with the right amount of ease to make it enjoyable, just as it is believable on this record that doesn’t miss.

Seen It All Featuring Quavis: To finish the project they give you everything you love from them and more. The production brings exceptional pad work and hard drums, to serve up the rhyming they bare their soul on. The connection they are able to make with the listener is a testament to their work, as you feel it all in a real to make you wish you were able to hear a bit more, on this masterpiece of a project.

Gwopped Up $peedy and Trizzy Trey “A Bigger Picture” is a project that truly lives up to the title, as they bring more life to the culture. They showcase the true art of collaboration as they compliment each other to the fullest, to let their respective artistry shine to the fullest, on this superb body of work that bring a high level of cohesiveness to make it a complete body of work, that you will be able to rock to for time to come.

Check out Gwopped Up $peedy and Trizzy Trey “A Bigger Picture” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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