Becky Hill x David Guetta – Remember

Becky Hill x David Guetta – Remember

Nothing brings people together like great music. Since forever we’ve always looked to music to bring that extra light to the world, to be the perfect getaway we all need. That is always the true spirit of the art and Becky Hill comes together with David Guetta to do just that on the new song “Remember”.

Becky Hill and David Guetta come together to make a record full of good vibes on the new song “Remember”. The sound captures you right away with a bright sound packed with appeal to set the tone for the work they create. The work off each other perfectly, as their styles complement each others to fullest to deliver. Lyrically the song is well crafted, and delivered by the amazing voice of Becky, to bring the perfect storm of good music to enjoy that covers all areas.

Becky Hill and David Guetta “Remember” is that fun music that makes for a good listen every time. It gives the people that more that they seeking musically, while balancing it with a big sound in the production to make it enjoyable and digestible for the masses.

Check out Becky Hill and David Guetta “Remember” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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