Estrada & Stevedreeze – Crucify

Estrada & Stevedreeze – Crucify

Happy Friday!!! It’s the end of the new week but the start of some great new music to start your weekend off with. It’s all about excellence on Friday’s to make sure we start you on the weekend on the most positive note possible and nothing exudes excellence more than Estrada and Stevedreez new song “Crucify”.

Estrada and Stevedreez bring a masterpiece packed with emotion on the new song “Crucify”. The vulnerability in the music and vocal approach stops you in your tracks, and makes you slow down to take it all in, during times that everything seems to come and go. The writing is brilliant in it’s articulation, as it masterfully takes on being there for your love ones, and all takes place over an ambient production to make you get lost in the sound.

Estrada and Stevedreeze “Crucify” is a timeless piece of audio, that goes beyond just great music but a heartfelt art piece that people will be able to enjoy on a spiritual level. Everything you need and could want from a record is right here for you to enjoy without limits, as he brings the real to music we all need.

Check out Estrada & Stevedreeze “Crucify” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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