Donn Chii – Kool Story Bro

Donn Chii – Kool Story Bro

One of the best tools of music is the story telling. The tales we hear in the music that paints picture for us to follow, as always helped music have a special place in our life for generations. Donn Chii captured this feel to a genius level on his new song “Kool Story Bro”.

Donn Chii takes us through his journey to give us the real on his new song “Kool Story Bro”. He gives gold standard emceeing all over this record, with supreme rhyming and braggadocios flow to take us on his journey of life to give his fans an in-depth look at the artist they’ve come to admire. The story telling is on point and it’s all over this engaging production that knocks for every second on this thrill of a listen.

Donn Chii’s “Kool Story Bro” is that super dope Hip Hop that purists and casual fans can enjoy alike. The lyrics are relatable and honest in every line that makes it connect to the listener, and it’s all delivered with flair and conviction to make it a kool story for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Donn Chii “Kool Story Bro” below and follow him on Instagram Stay Global my Friends!

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