Nikolai Berk – Sunshine & Sex

Nikolai Berk – Sunshine & Sex

Summer is in full effect. It’s time for the sun to start shining and for everybody to start feeling good.With music being the soundtrack to our lives, it’s always time for the right music to drop that matches, the feel good vibes around us. Nikolai Berk does just that with his new song “Sunshine & Sex”.

Nikolai Berk brings extra smooth vibes on his new song “Sunshine & Sex”. Nikolai shows his range as an artist with his soulful vocals, while also showing his mass appeal in the sound for us all to buy in to. The production sets the perfect tone as he crafts together a Summer time anthem, that you can hear blaring out of peoples speakers with him marveling in his song writing skills.

Nikolai Berk’s “Sunshine & Sex” is the right record at the right time to really showcase this artist’s talents as well something the world can vibe to. This new record hits the mark in excellent fashion from the production, the incredible and relatable lyrics, and the vocals that rides this beat with ease to make for an enjoyable listener experience.

Check out Nikolai Berk “Sunshine & Sex” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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