Shane Edwards – Holding On

Shane Edwards – Holding On

Music is in it’s best form when you can make an emotional connection to the music. Being able to get engulfed in the soul that’s put into the artistry, to make it realer than ever for the listener to consume. That is the special touch of R&B music, and why it has lasted the times with the people. That soul is what resonates most with Shane Edwards new song “Holding On”.

Shane Edwards delivers a heartfelt masterpiece on his new song “Holding On”. The music captures a true R&B sound in the production, with smooth piano keys helping set the tone for him to bring his vision to life. With the tone set it allows you to take in the writing, that is amazing in it’s articulation to make something people can relate to. Everything is delivered to perfection with his vocals that are smooth, and masterful at displaying a high level of vulnerability to it, to not only make everything heard right, but felt just right as well.

Shane Edwards “Holding On” is an R&B record rooted in soul, to last with the listener. It’s that music that you can take on the emotion of, whether it’s your current state or not which is a true testament to the work being displayed on this piece of audio. Hit play now on this timeless record and enjoy the special sound that he gives his all to, for us all to dive into.

Check out Shane Edwards “Holding On” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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