Slow Caves – Before I Leave

Slow Caves – Before I Leave

Happy Saturday!!! It’s another great weekend, where we can all just take a minute to breathe and enjoy some good music. Saturdays are always about the best of the best and we have the next big thing just for you. This new song from Slow Caves called “Before I Leave” has an instant classic that will last the times.

Slow Caves has some of the most brilliant songwriting you will hear out there on their new song “Before I Leave”. They’re able to take on being grateful for what you have in the most relatable way for the masses on this incredible record ,that grabs you in so major you get lost in the time of the music. They delivers these amazing lyrics with a vocal performance thats filled with the right amount of emotion in each line, that makes it tug at your heart, over this indie rock production that is masterful in it’s tone setting.

Slow Caves “Before I Leave” is everything music is about and why people fall in love with music. It connects to you and gives you that more we seek when hearing music. This song is beyond words and makes you want to keep running back for this experience of music.

Check out Slow Caves “Before I Leave” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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