Music is much more than just putting sounds together. As much as music is about making something that sounds good, it’s equally important to make something that feels good to hear. That music that you are excited to play, because of the fun that it adds to your life when you hear it. That’s the music that you can’t get enough and you won;t be able to get enough of JOSHUA+’s new song “ICE CREAM CAKE”.

JOSHUA+ brings a vibrant summer smash on his new song “ICE CREAM CAKE”. The music wastes little time making an engaging experience, with a bright sound full of bounce in the production that sets the ultimate tone for the work he delivers. His infectious charisma carries the song to the fullest, with a swagger that make you buy in to the music, as he delivers the fun writing with ease to make it a complete package of artistry for us all to have more life.

JOSHUA+ “ICE CREAM CAKE” is an on fire record that is just in time for the Summer. It encompasses everything people want to hear in the music, with a digestible sound the masses can eat up and enjoy from this amazing creative. The music goes beyond nice audio but a complete experience of music that will set off any day to bring more joy to the world with every listen.

Check out JOSHUA+“ICE CREAM CAKE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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