Everyone has their own preference in music, due to the subjectivity of the art. One thing we all have in common, is we all look for undeniable music to listen. Those records we enjoy because it defies are subjectivity, and allows us to just be fans of the sounds coming out of our speakers. That type of special sound is on full display on the new song “VULTURE” from KXDS.

KXDS brings an exciting experience full of appeal on the new song “VULTURE”. The sound is mega with a global appeal that shines, on this record filled with amazing colors with the waves of the music, sweeping the listener away. The vocal performance is big time with a daring energy that is commanding enough to guide the listener, over this amazing record that delivers in every single facet of record making to the fullest.

KXDS “VULTURE” is a major record that carries the excitement people love in their music. The art and magic of music is on full bloom for every second, as you get to explore the daring sound they create, to make something beyond words, for a supreme display of music.

Check out KXDS “VULTURE” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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