Tahira – Audacity

Tahira – Audacity

Going through so much music you can only hope to find some good gems along the way but what’s even sweeter is finding the next big star. That artist you hear and you know for certain without a doubt they will be huge, and you will hear their name around the world. Tahira is an amazing artist who has that glow with her new song “Audacity”.

Tahira puts all of her talent on full bloom to show she’s the real deal on the new song “Audacity”. She genre blends at a high level to make one must hear sound that works to perfection. The production sets a nice Hip Hop tone with knocking 808’s that work, and compliments her melodic tone rooted in R&B that feels good to hear, as she delivers her strong relatable writing that people all over the world, will make a real connection with to the fullest,

Tahira’s “Audacity” is a smashing display of music packed with talent and appeal to take this song to it’s rightful destination. Everything about this record is brilliant, with each element working in perfect harmony with the next to make it a record that doesn’t miss. She’s able to showcase her high musical prowess, while still making something digestible for the masses to buy into as we take in this rising star.

Check out Tahira “Audacity” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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