The Lesson GK Featuring DJ Premier – Boogie

The Lesson GK Featuring DJ Premier – Boogie

Hip Hop has been able to last the times because of the soul that the artists put into the music. That music that you feel in your spirit, as you get lost in the sounds being presented that get you through. That level of authenticity is something that makes Hip Hop our go to, as we all look for something real in this world, and the real is what you get from The Lesson GK on the new song “Boogie” featuring DJ Premier.

The Lesson GK and DJ Premier come together to make music you can feel on the new song “Boogie”. The record grabs you right away, with the driving drums and pad work, that are met with Premier’s scratching to let you know, that high class of sophistication that you are about to get. As soon as they rhyming starts it’s powerful, with commanding flows that deliver the high powered rhyming, to the fullest on what is a supreme display of Hip Hop music.

The Lesson GK featuring DJ Premier “Boogie” is Hip Hop music that always captures the true essence of the genre. In a time where Hip Hop music can be criticized for it’s simplicity, they give you that more you are looking for in every way. The production knocks and sets the tone, the rhyming is sharp than ever to cut through the speaks to the listener’s ear, and flows are as fluid as ever to deliver with the right amount of conviction to make it all hit home us all to enjoy.

Check out The Lesson GK featuring DJ Premier “Boogie” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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