Smokiecoco – M54 (Telf to Birmingham)

Smokiecoco – M54 (Telf to Birmingham)

One of the best parts of being a fan of music, is getting good music from artist who you enjoy. Those artists who names you see and know when you hit play, that you are going to hear something enjoyable to make life better. That type of music you can always get from the swaggy duo Smokiecoco, and they show you why on their new song “M54 (Telf to Birmingham)”.

Smokiecoco bring an ultra saucy sound that you will enjoy every minute of on the new song “M54 (Telf to Birmingham)”. The pair play off each other to perfection, as their musical chemistry shines to the fullest on this new engaging record. The flows are filled with infectious bravado that makes you buy into their style, as their lyrics give it up for their hometown over this production, that sets the stage perfectly for the show they create not only in the music but the visuals as well.

Smokiecoco’s “M54 (Telf to Birmingham)” is a super dope record from this duo that is on fire. They are able to shine musically, but more importantly they showcase their charisma of stars to make a fun experience to make you keep coming back for more. They are on fire and can’t lose and continue to marvel with this release being a shining example of that fact.

Check out Smokiecoco “M54 (Telf to Birmingham)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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