Alex Tore – Say Amen

Alex Tore – Say Amen

Some music is just big time. That music that gives you all you can ask for instantly, with them not wasting a single second giving you audio magic. That type of feeling is rare, but Alex Tore does this in mastery fashion on the new song “Say Amen”.

Alex Tore brings deep writing with a high energy sound on the new song “Say Amen”. The production feels good to the soul, with a bright sound that’s filled with appeal to give you more life, as you take in the sound. The vocal performance is big time, with a masterful tone that conveys emotion perfectly, that is needed to deliver the heavy writing, and is a matched made in heaven with the music, on this record with no misses.

Alex Tore’s “Say Amen” is your new favorite song waiting for you to discover it. It’s a master class of musicianship, that shows off his talent to the fullest, as well makes something digestible for the masses to take in. It hits the mark in every facet to make a once in a lifetime audio experience like no other.

Check out Alex Tore “Say Amen” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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