Ice Meez – Cruisen

Ice Meez – Cruisen

When people come to Hip Hop, they come for the real. That authenticity in an artist that comes through the speaker in a real way, to make you feel the music. When an artist is being true, without even knowing them you know they’re giving their soul on the mic. That soul is what resonates and that soul is what you get from Ice Meez on the new song “Cruisen”.

Ice Meez taps into his super powers on his new song “Cruisen”. Ice delivers a true masterpiece, while showcasing his high skill level. The production is smooth and sets an introspective tone, for his rhymes to flourish. The flow and delivery is filled with conviction that drives every line home, with his impressive pen being filled with truth and amazing wordplay to make this song land how its supposed to, as he takes us on his journey in a real way.

Ice Meez “Cruisen” is that powerful Hip Hop with a message that keeps the culture rooted in the soul it’s known for. It’s the perfect record to blend a powerful word, and high powered skills to make some commanding, as well as must hear for the world to rock to.

Check out Ice Meez “Cruisen” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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