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Hip Hop is a genre that was built off originality like no other. Getting a taste of an artist’s original flavor is what made you become a fan of their work, with a special sound that you can only get from them, as well as an authenticity to their style to make you buy in completely. That’s the true spirit of Hip Hop music and Jeremiah Stokes flourishes with this in his new song “Rain Go Away”.

Jeremiah Stokes delivers a must hear sound full of conviction on his new song “Rain Go Away”. His presence is felt right away, with a tone in his emceeing that makes you feel the soul he puts into the music. He marvels with his abstract sound in the production that sets the tone masterfully, for what he creates as he delivers his raw lyricism to the fullest, on this full scope of artistry.

Jeremiah Stokes “Rain Go Away” is that upper echelon emceeing that gives more life to the culture. Every element works it’s magic to the fullest, on this impressive display of art from the production that sets the tone, the soul he puts in his flow, as well as the sharp lyricism that is incredible in it’s story telling to make it enjoyable in every way.

Check out Jeremiah Stokes “Rain Go Away” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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