The Haunted Youth – Coming Home

The Haunted Youth – Coming Home

Happy Monday!!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to start the week fresh. For Mondays we always try to start the week off with the best content, we can to set the ultimate tone for not only the listener, but the platform as well. To do that we are very selective in who we share, as we try to bring music that is beyond subjectivity. The Haunted Youth has that type of sound with their new song “Coming Home”.

The Haunted Youth bring a brilliant out of this world sound on the new song “Coming Home”. It’s everything you can hope to hear when discovering new music, with each element of the record being performed at a supreme level. The sound is truly mega with a big time sound in the production that sets the ultimate tone, for them to work. To match the sound they bring an equally big time vocal performance, to deliver the writing just right on this record with no misses.

The Haunted Youth’s “Coming Home” is your new favorite song as soon as you hit play. It’s beyond any critiques with an undeniable level of music coming out your speakers, to make life that much better because you get to experience their sound. It’s high quality music that feels good to hear and shows off their upper echelon talent to the fullest.

Check out The Haunted Youth “Coming Home” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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