Tech N9ne x HU$H – Suffering

Tech N9ne x HU$H – Suffering

Nothing grabs you like a high energy song with meaning. Those records that are captivating in their approach, as they shine musically, but gives you something real in the process. That type of music is what shakes the world up and transcends culture, with it’s commanding sound. That’s what you get from the new collaboration between Tech N9ne and HU$H on the new song “Suffering”.

Tech N9ne brings his high caliber rhyming, with HU$H’s exciting production to make a hard edge must hear sound on the new song “Suffering”. Their sound embodies everything it is too collaborate, as their styles mesh together perfectly to deliver a supreme sound. The production creates a thrilling tone that takes you on a ride, that Tech’s rhymes guide us over with conviction in the verses, that explodes in the chorus to take this record to another plateau.

Tech N9ne and HU$H “Suffering” is a must hear record filled with engaging elements to make not only must hear music, but music that engulfs you in the emotion of the record. It’s a daring piece of art that is captivating in every way, and brings more to the culture with a raw display of music that stands out in a real way.

Check out Tech N9ne and HU$H “Suffering” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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