Joy Oladokun – taking the heat

Joy Oladokun – taking the heat

A great artist is one whose music is filled with truth. That transparency you seek as they tell their story, in way that connects with your own life. That type of soul in the artistry is why music is leaned upon, during our trying times. That type of truth and soul is what blooms about Joy Oladokun’s new song “taking the heat”.

Joy Oladokun shows why she’s one of the most promising singer-songwriters with her new song “taking the heat”. All of her talents are on display, as well as her story that is told masterfully. The vulnerability in the music and vocal approach stops you in your tracks, and makes you slow down to take it all in, during times that everything seems to come and go. The writing is daring in it’s articulation with a high level of honesty, that resonates in a real way for every second on this special record.

Joy Oladukun’s “taking the heat” is soulful artistry that is must hear. She gives her all in the music and that is it’s greatest asset, as you not only hear all of her talent shine, but the person behind the music to make it a spiritual experience of music like no other.

Check out Joy Oladukun “taking the heat” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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