Felix Cartal x KROY – Too Late

Felix Cartal x KROY – Too Late

Nothing defies the subjectivity of music like an amazing record. Those records that you hear and you marvel at the talent you hear, and get out of critic mindset, to just being a fan of the sounds you’re hearing. That type of record is what you get from the incredible collaboration of Felix Cartal and KROY called “Too Late”.

Felix Cartal comes together with KROY to make a record that shines like the season on the new song “Too Late”. The sound is packed with unlimited appeal, with must hear production that is packed with bright melodies to make you feel the glow of the music. KROY delivers the writing perfectly, with her big time tone that you can feel in your spirit, as you get taken in by the music and want to dance forever.

Felix Cartal and KROY’s “Too Late” is one of those records that makes life more festive. Everything about this record is enjoyable, to make people fall in love with music endlessly. If you’re looking for your next ultimate jam to dive into, look no further than this record here that is ready for the world

Check out Felix Cartal and KROY “Too Late” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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