Sophie and the Giants – Don’t Ask Me to Change

Sophie and the Giants – Don’t Ask Me to Change

One of the freshest aspects of music to enjoy is innovation. A daring creative energy to the music that stands out from other releases, to make something special for the listener to enjoy. That type of music makes for a fun experience, as you discover a record that is new in every way. Sophie and the Giants brings one of those amazing innovative records on the new song “Don’t Ask Me to Change”.

Sophie and the Giants delivers a hot and fresh sound to the world on the new song “Don’t Ask Me to Change”. The record wastes little time getting you invested, with a high energy production that is engaging and layered in creativity to make music like you haven’t heard before. To take it over the top the vocal performance has a commanding tone to make you enjoy the music more, as the unapologetic lyrics are delivered just right to make sure they are felt.

Sophie and the Giant’s “Don’t Ask Me To Change” embodies everything it is to hear new music. It’s a fresh approach that stands out in the audio, as well as the visuals to bring the vision to life in the best way possible, to make the artistry shine, as well as create an entertaining experience for the people to enjoy.

Check out Sophie and the Giants “Don’t Ask Me to Change” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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