Lucas Stadvec – Okay

Lucas Stadvec – Okay

A song that sounds good is will always be enjoyable, but a record you feel is a song that last the times with you. As you get engulfed in the waves of the music, and realism in the record it really goes a long way for the listener. That type of energy is what resonates the most about Lucas Stadvec’s hot new release “Okay”.

Lucas Stadvec genre blends in supreme fashion on his new song “Okay”. Each element works to perfection and gives you something to enjoy at every turn. The bravado in the flow and lyricism definitely carries a Hip Hop spirit, as he gets super saucy vocally to deliver the strong writing with ease. The production brings a radio ready sound that holds Pop appeal, to give it that ready for the world appeal on what is truly a perfect record if there ever was one.

Lucas Stadvec’s “Okay” is the perfect record to show where musical mastery and mass appeal meet. It’s enjoyable just off the sounds alone, with his artistry shining to the fullest but the emotion he puts into the music, is what helps it stand out most, with you being able to feel his energy in the music for every second he blesses us with.

Check out Lucas Stadvec “Okay” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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