Jorja Smith Featuring Shaybo – Bussdown (Live)

Jorja Smith Featuring Shaybo – Bussdown (Live)

Nothing sells a record like great live performance. Already enjoying the music in its audio form, a great live performance makes you feel the music to that extra level, as the artist gives you more elements to enjoy. That type of intimate experience is what makes you fall in love with music and you will love everything about Jorja Smith’s live performance of “Bussdown” featuring Shaybo.

Jorja Smith comes together with Shaybo to deliver a must hear performance on the live version of “Bussdown”. The song is packed with soul, with the production having the perfect blend of funk and soul, to make it a record that’s felt. Jorja shines bright with her amazing vocals that are rooted in soul music, but shines with mass appeal to deliver great lyrics, as everything clicks in it’s own divine way. Shaybo delivers a great Rap performance that gives the record that extra swagger to make something enjoyable for the masses.

Jorja Smith featuring Shaybo “Bussdown” is a super enjoyable record that easily showcases her talent, as well as gives you every reason to buy into why she is one of the biggest voices in the culture. She does everything superbly on this live performance, as she doesn’t get lost in the music, but flourishes in it to give her fans everywhere something they will love.

Check out Jorja Smith featuring Shaybo “Bussdown” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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