Charmaine – DOUBLE DUTCH

Charmaine – DOUBLE DUTCH

It’s fun and exciting to see an artist going for the top spot. That time in their career that they are bubbling with every release, as you watch them on their quest to become a household name. Whether it’s their talent, look, or personality they give to us to enjoy, it’s always exciting to see them go for gold. Charmaine has all of those engaging qualities to her and that’s what makes her a must hear talent with her latest release “DOUBLE DUTCH” being an amazing display of her work.

Charmaine continues to make music that never misses on the new song “DOUBLE DUTCH”. The record can be described in so many words, it can leave one speechless at the level of talent she exudes on her latest exciting release. She’s impossible to ignore with her presence shining to the fullest, as you get engulfed in her glow that helps her stand out as the star she is. Her infectious charisma delivers her writing to the fullest and makes for an engaging listen for every second.

Charmaine’s “DOUBLE DUTCH” is a sheer masterpiece that makes for an entertaining experience like no other. She delivers in the music and even more in the visuals with a creative video, to bring her vision to life in a real way to showcase her the artist in the best light possible. Charmaine continues to shine to the fullest and this latest release may be her brightest form.

Check out Charmaine “DOUBLE DUTCH” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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