NRVS LVRS – Far Away (MaHaWaM Remix)

NRVS LVRS – Far Away (MaHaWaM Remix)

It’s always fun hearing the different directions a song can take. Hearing a record you’re already familiar and love given more life to bring something fresh, to make you enjoy it even more. That’s the special power of the the MaHaWaM remix of NRVS LVRS song “Far Away”.

NRVS LVRS comes together with MaHaWaM to make a must hear remix for “Far Away”. The appeal in the vocals still shines through, with each line being delivered to perfection. The remix changes the high energy synth sound of the original and brings a indie rock sound that works to perfection. The guitar lines are infectious as well as commanding, and the live drums keep you moving for every second while you enjoy the music to the fullest.

MaHaWaM Remix to NRVS LVRS “Far Away” embodies the true spirit of a remix. It’s fun exciting sound that takes your problems away, as you get swept into the new life in the music that makes for an exciting display of audio for music lovers everywhere.

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