Hunter Heflin – Weekend at Bernie’s

Hunter Heflin – Weekend at Bernie’s

With so much music, there’s truly an infitine amount of music that fits the mood we are in. With both being so apart of each other, the music we pick up truly fits our life or is the pick me up we need to get us back right. That type of music is timeless because of the authenticity in the music, and Hunter Heflin has a song that will get you right on his new song “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

Hunter Heflin brings a celebratory anthem that makes life better on the new song “Weekend at Bernie’s”. The aspirational feel in the music is what connects right away, as you hear the underlying soul that is met with the outward bravado in his vocal approach, that he is happy to be here. The writing takes you on a journey of a come up that you can apply to your own life, as he gets his swagger back so do you. This takes place over an exciting high energy production that has a bright touch to it, that plays it’s part to the fullest to help the vision come to life in every aspect.

Hunter Heflin’s “Weekend at Bernie’s” is a hot record that is just in time for Summer. It’s a fun record that anyone who has been through anything, will sing with their soul with relatable writing you can feel. It’s truly a smash of a record that has mass appeal to take it far, as well as high musical talent to make it last through the times for us all to enjoy for time to come.

Check out Hunter Heflin “Weekend at Bernie’s” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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