vivaellipsis featuring bayard brasko – Aphelion

vivaellipsis featuring bayard brasko – Aphelion

Music is truly a thing for dreamers. That music that you can play and get lost in your thoughts, as the music you hear takes you where the wild things are. It’s that special element of music that makes taking in music an experience, as it takes you to a new world, that you never knew existed but everywhere that you need to be. That is a thriving element of the new release from vivaellipsis featuring bayard brasko called “Aphelion”.

A musical journey you hope never ends is what you get on the new song from vivaellipsis featuring bayard brasko called “Aphelion”. As soon as the music drops, it grabs you and brings you into a world full of bright lights and infinite grooves, that work in perfect harmony to make something special. It’s the perfect music that reminds you of why you feel in love with music, with a sound that makes you want to throw on a pair of headphones, close your eyes, and float with the magic of the music being on full bloom to give the listener that more we all seek.

The latest release from vivaellipsis encompasses the art of music. It’s beyond just a nice sound of audio, but a true masterpiece that progresses throughout to make a full picture of music, for us to hear and feel the waves of the music that sweep us off of our feet, with an out of this world sound. If you love good music, this record gives you every thing you could possibly want.

Check out vivaellipsis featuring bayard brasko “Aphelion” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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