Tiana Major9 – Silly Games

Tiana Major9 – Silly Games

Covering a classic record is truly a must perform situation for an artist. Bringing an original record allows room for subjectivity, as you are bringing a new sound for people to listen to, but with a classic record people are coming into it with their own bias, especially if it’s a song they love. That creates a lot of pressure for an artist, but Tiana Major9 rises to to the occasion on the new song “Silly Games”.

Tiana Major9 covers Janet Kay’s classic record “Silly Games” in stellar fashion. Every song we cover on this platform is special to us, but this one has an extra special touch to it because it’s a record that I listen to frequently, and to see it was covered by someone, built a lot of intrigue. Once you hit play it’s everything you could want. It still keeps the original production, but Tiana’s vocals are truly mesmerizing and feels good to the spirit to hear, as she delivers the lyrics with so much soul, you feel that it’s her own original record.

Tiana Major9’s “Silly Games” is a superb record that showcases her amazing talent, as well as give more life to a timeless piece of music. The true spirit of a cover shines on this record, as she is able to truly make it her own, to make music that one listen will never be enough for. This is a must hear record, from a must hear artist that won’t disappoint.

Check out Tiana Major9 “Silly Games” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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