Ella Collier- hey i love my life

Ella Collier- hey i love my life

The thing about a great record, is that it’s always on time. Those songs that drop and define our times, and lift us up with each listen. Those are the songs that make people appreciate the culture of music, and continue to stick around forever to see what’s next. That’s the appeal of Ella Collier’s new song “hey i love my life”.

Ella Collier delivers a masterpiece off her new project “MOOD SWINGS” called “hey i love my life”. The sound is amazing and well produced with a genre blending sound that has great appeal to it, that builds majorly through out to set the stage for her vision to come to life. The writing is perfect and provides unique storytelling that speaks on the intricacies and annoyances of social interaction, love, and growth, to make it super relatable for the masses and adds a dash of humor to make it that much more fun. The icing on the cake is the incredible vocal performance that’s big time enough to take the song to it’s rightful destination.

Ella Collier’s “hey i love my life” is that music the world needs to hear now more than ever. A record packed with so many stellar elements to it, that it can leave one speechless, and filled with awe. It’s the perfect record at the perfect time that you must slow down to take in the feel good vibes now!

Check out Ella Collier “hey i love my life” below, as well as her new project “MOOD SWINGS” and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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