Brother Alfred – Safari Hat

Brother Alfred – Safari Hat

Catching a record that sounds good is always enjoyable, but it’s even better when the music feels good to hear. That music that you hit play on, and your day instantly gets better as you get swept up in the waves of the music. That’s the music that keeps you coming back, as it makes things better with every play and Brother Alfred delivers that for the world on the new song “Safari Hat”.

Brother Alfred gives you a master class of music you can’t go without on the new song “Safari Hat”. The music has a chill funk sound, that feels warm to the spirit and sets the perfect tone for the writing to flourish. To deliver the writing they bring an amazing vocal performance that conveys emotion at a high level, to bring that extra level of soul to the music, that makes it pure magic to enjoy for every second.

Brother Alfred’s “Safari Hat” is a your new favorite song as soon as you hit play. The reasons to enjoy this record are truly infinite, with nothing about his record lacking in any way. The music is done at a stellar level and also has major appeal to it, to make it a record that can travel all over the world, on this record that is a masterpiece in every way.

Check out Brother Alfred “Safari Hat” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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