Zack Cokas – VERY POLITE

Zack Cokas – VERY POLITE

When an artist is on their game, you become to expect excellence from there with every release. With that type of pressure an artist, it really shows who whose the real deal on how well they handle such expectation. With Zack Cokas he handles the pressure with ease, and delivers like he always does with his new song “VERY POLITE”.

Zack Cokas builds major buzz for his new “WARHOL” project with his latest release “VERY POLITE”. The talent is unmatched and relentless in it’s approach to deliver must hear music. The production sets a masterful tone with a 808 driven sound that he flourishes in majorly. His flow is commanding and filled with bravado that delivers his boisterous lyrics to the fullest, as he leaves us all in awe, and puts other artists on notice, that his time is now on what is some of his most impressive work to date.

Zack Cokas “VERY POLITE” is another amazing body of work for this rising artist. He builds excitement with every release, with this one being a shining example of his style, and every growing star presence that shines through on this release. He’s lyrically sharp, fluid with the flow, and does it all over the right beats to make him the total package worthy of buying in to.

Check out Zack Cokas “VERY POLITE” below, as well as his project “WARHOL” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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