Vân Scott – What’s Coming Next

Vân Scott – What’s Coming Next

One of music’s best attributes, is it’s ability to tackle hard issues. Whether it’s deep and somber, or bright and fun, the ability to speak on issues that we all deal with is what makes music relatable, and a go to. That’s something that you will enjoy about the new song from Vân Scott called “What’s Coming Next”.

Vân Scott creates the perfect storm of feel good sounds, and deep writing on the new song “What’s Coming Next”. He takes us through his journey and deepest thought in a real way that makes you listen, to take in the music, as you get swept up in the appeal of the music. He shines vocally with a tone that was meant to travel the world, over this production that is a match made in heaven with his singing, to make it a record you can’t get enough of.

Vân Scott’s “What’s Coming Next” is a super record with a digestible sound anyone who listens can enjoy. Her star presence is undeniable and carries this song to it’s rightful destination, with a sound full of appeal that shines brighter with every listen. Vân sounds like the next big star, and he has the music to back it up with this amazing piece of audio.

Check out Vân Scott “What’s Coming Next” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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