Prime Society – I Don’t Give A Damn

Prime Society – I Don’t Give A Damn

One of the best things about enjoying an artist’s work is hearing them explore new sounds. Thriving with a sound that works can always make on become complacent, but when an artist not only is talented with their signature sound, but are daring enough to try something new, makes for a fresh experience thats enjoyable when done right. Prime Society does it all right on the new song “I Don’t Give A Damn”.

Prime Society brings a neo soul approach to bring fresh vibes on the new song “I Don’t Give A Damn”. The live instrumentation sets the tone and brings the vision to life, with grooves in the music that makes you feel the magic that they are set to bring to you. With the tone set they bring a soulful vocal performance, that is amazing in it’s tone to make a modern day love song to rock to without limits. The singing is complimented by a smooth rap performance that is the special touch to record over the top to make it a record that truly doesn’t miss.

Prime Society’s “I Don’t Give A Damn” is an amazing body of work that marvels musically, and creates an entertaining experience in the visuals as well. Prime Society is always known for a high energy sound thats exciting, and with this record they show their wide range of talent for the world to buy into, and delivers visuals to showcase their star presence to the fullest.

Check out Prime Society “I Don’t Give A Damn” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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