Zak North – AF

Zak North – AF

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone is starting off the week strong on this festive day. We always try to bring the best content to start the week, and it’s only possible when we have amazing artist to choose from. Zak North makes the job easy with his new must hear record “AF”.

Zak North is an artist with unlimited talent who puts it all on display, for the world to enjoy on his new song “AF”. The writing is impressive as ever, with slick wordplay and vividness in the lyrics that paint the ultimate picture for the listener. Everything is delivered by his impressive melodic approach, that adds a special dash of soul to make every line hit just right, over this production that plays the perfect score for the vision he brings to life.

Zak North’s “AF” is a record full of talent and appeal, as he gives fans everywhere a reason to get invested in his artistry.. He delivers in stellar fashion, a musical gem that shines through the speakers to the listener to enjoy for every second of this must hear masterpiece.

Check out Zak North “AF” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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