Agnes – 24 Hours

Agnes – 24 Hours

We love all kinds of music, but the music we love the most is music that feels big and can transcends cultures . Some music is just undeniable and goes beyond someones musical preference to just being a record you love and appreciate. Agnes has that type of music that you feel in your bones with her new song “24 Hours”.

Agnes makes a big time record that is magic for every second on her new song “24 Hours”. Giving you just a superb display of artistry that you can admire. The sound is innovative and packed with mass appeal, that is matched with incredible melodies that you hope never end. This record is accompanied with great songwriting, that is delivered by an amazing vocal performance, that puts this record in a special class of audio work we can all admire alike.

Agnes “24 Hours” is master class musicianship that takes full advantage of catching the listeners ear to the fullest. It’s truly a superb record from the mesmerizing vocal performance, the creative writing, and the production that makes you wish you can enjoy it for a little longer.

Check out Agnes “24 Hours” below and connect with her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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