FCG Heem Featuring Pooh Shiesty – Beef

FCG Heem Featuring Pooh Shiesty – Beef

Music is truly a thing of preference, but it’s at it’s best when it makes the choice for you to like it. Bringing something that stands out from every other release, and brings you not only a great sound, but a true experience of music that takes you on a ride, just as well as any cinematic work. That thrilling experience is what you get from FCG Heem on his new song “Beef” featuring Pooh Shiesty.

FCG Heem puts his style with Pooh Shiesty to build extreme interest for his new project “Neighborhood Poetry” on the new song “Beef”. The raw energy is what catches you right away with a Trap sound in the production that sets the tone, but when you listen closer you hear the freshness in the rhyme approach matched with melodies that makes for an enticing listen. The writing is slick just as much as it is hard, with engaging wordplay that shows the supreme level of talent, that paints the picture for the listener to be apart of the vision to the fullest. Each line is delivered with plenty of flex and charisma from the two that gives the song more life, as you take in their style to the fullest to make you listen to enjoy every second.

FCG Heem featuring Pooh Shiesty “Beef” is the perfect record that just made the Summer hotter. Theres no formulaic process to the music, and it lets their style shine to the fullest with the mission of making the dopest music possible, being on full bloom for the world to take in. It’s a super dope record that the culture can enjoy, with a record full of must hear elements, that makes you get invested in the music to the fullest

Check out FCG Heem featuring Pooh Shiesty ” Beef” below, as well as his new project “Neighborhood Poetry” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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