Oren Major x The Grand Mess – Got It Boomin

Oren Major x The Grand Mess – Got It Boomin

Artists are most enjoyable when they are going for it. That daring approach to the music, that you feel when you hear them as they go for the top spot. That type of music gets you invested, because you feel the passion in the music and it makes you want to become a fan of them right away. When an artist has that feel they become something truly special for the world to watch, and that something special is Oren Major with his new collaboration with The Grand Mess called “Got It Boomin”.

Oren Major comes together with The Grand Mess to deliver more for the culture on the new song “Got It Boomin”. The energy in the music resonates well, as you hear him give his all to the music on his pursuit of greatness. The flow has high energy and the delivery is filled with conviction to make it a match made in heaven with the exciting production. The wordplay is incredible and the lyricism is the perfect blend of supreme rhyming and bravado to give that extra level of appeal to bring purists and casuals together alike to enjoy the incredible display of music they bring.

Oren Major and The Grand Mess “Got It Boomin” is a supreme level of music that stands out from the plethora of new releases. In a time where it’s easy for a record to get lost in the shuffle, they use all of their talent to stand apart to the fullest on what is a must hear record for the world.

Check out Oren Major and The Grand Mess “Got It Boomin” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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