Most Wett – Country Grammar

Most Wett – Country Grammar

When Nelly came on the scene in 2000 with the song “Country Grammar” it was truly a time. At the start of the new millennium Hip Hop, was very gritty and lyrically driven but what he brought was something different. A lot of southern flavor and bravado in the music, that caught on quick as people got to take in Hip Hop in a way we never heard, to make us all move. Most Wett captures that same magic on his new song “Country Grammar”.

Most Wett is on fire on his new song “Country Grammar”. His swagger is infectious and makes you buy into him majorly, as soon as you hear his flow. The presence is commanding and brings a charming bravado to it, that makes you a fan of his work, while he delivers his slick writing to the fullest over this production that is a match made in heaven, with his style to make it flourish completely.

Most Wett’s “Country Grammar” is that music that people want to hear. It’s music that you can play and can get swept up in the waves of the music, as he showcases his flex for us all to be fans of. He gives a super dope record, as well as a super dope video to make it the complete package of artistry, for us all to get invested in for time to come.

Check out Most Wett “Country Grammar” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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