Daniyel – Good Day

Daniyel – Good Day

People are looking for more than just music that sounds good. More than ever people want music they can connect to. That experience in music where you can hear the artist, and know they they get it. That they understand what life is like. That type of music is what makes people get attached to an artist, as we vicariously live through our favorite artist. Daniyel brings that type of music on his new song “Good Day”.

Daniyel brings a fun record that shines on his new song “Good Day’. The production sets the tone right with a bright feel good tone, in the sound that brings nice appeal to the record. With the tone set Daniyel brings his star charisma to the forefront, with an enjoyable tone in the flow that helps sell his lyrics to the fullest. The content is relatable, and helps him connect with the masses in a real way as we get to connect with the artist, as well as the person behind the music in a real way.

Daniyel’s “Good Day” is that must hear music that has unlimited replay value. He brings a major sound that is digestible for the masses to bring people together, to make his potential beyond limits, as he makes his way on being one of the top stars. He has a star presence as well as great musical prowess, to make him worthy every listen.

Check out Daniyel “Good Day” below, as well as his new project “82” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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