Chase Bennett – Paparazzi

Chase Bennett – Paparazzi

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to start off the week strong. We always post the best music out there to kick things off just right, not only for you all but us as well. This is only possible by great artists who bring us those undeniable records, and Chase Bennett has a smash on his new song “Paparazzi”.

Chase Bennett brings a genre blending must hear smash on his new song “Paparazzi”. The song is filled with mass appeal, with a sound that is ready for the world in the production that sets the tone, for the vision he brings to life. The greatest asset of this record is the fun you have while hearing it, with his presence being commanding and engaging to deliver the writing, with the perfect amount of charisma to make him an infectious star worth investing in majorly.

Chase Bennett’s “Paparazzi” is a record that makes the world more bright with it’s presence. He shines in every way to make a record that is enjoyable for every second, as he brings a digestible sound people everywhere can enjoy. The potential of this record is huge, as well as his artistry with a must hear record that will be played around the world.

Check out Chase Bennett “Paparazzi” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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