Trvpbeez – Trill Shit

Trvpbeez – Trill Shit

Here at Global Money World, we come across a lot of artists. Ranging from different genres, we get the benefit of taking in a lot of music. In all the music we get, some artists we know for a fact are going to make a real impact. Whether it’s something we hear in the music, or if it’s the star quality we see in the artist, some just have the presence to them that can’t be denied. Trvpbeez is truly one of those talents. A bonafide star who continues to marvel fans everywhere, with his new song “Trill Shit” off of his “P.C.N.A” being a testament to his work.

Trvpbeez shows off his special ability to take us on his personal journey in a ultra relatable way on his new song “Trill Shit”. He’s a master of making music that people want to her, crafting engaging music that’s not only good to hear but engaging to hear as well. His flow delivers with sharp precision as he hits every pocket of this production packed with knocking 808’s to push the song forward to the ears of the listener. Once he has your ears he delivers his impeccable rhyming that is the perfect combination of confident, relatable, and deep to make it everything you need to hear.

Trvpbeez “Trill Shit” is the perfect record to make you want to buy into his artistry. You not only hear the clear talent in his work, but the care in it to make it something that sticks with you through the times. In a crowded genre Trvpbeez separates himself from the pack with supreme talent, and infectious charisma to make him an impossible star to pass on.

Check out Trvpbeez “Trill Shit” below, as well as his new project “P.C.N.A” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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